Wired vs. Wireless Internet Connection

In today’s day and  age wireless computer connections are increasingly prevalent.  Whether you are at college, the local coffee shop, a restaurant or the library, wireless is everywhere.  In this blog we will weigh the good and the bad of both wireless and wired internet connections.

Some of the new laptops only come with wireless connection, so if you have the ability to be hardwired to the internet you will want to make sure your laptop has both. Most new desktops come with both wired and wireless connections, but it still does not hurt to check to be sure.

With wireless connection it is very convenient to move from one connection to another.  Unlike a hardwired internet connection where you are stationary and cannot easily move from one connection to another.  There are not many places, if any, that will have a hardwired connection to the internet unless you are at home, school or work.

Although wireless has come a long way in the last few years, wired is still faster and more secure.  Wireless can handle most of the common everyday tasks, but if you are into  gaming, high end video editing, video streaming, cad drawing, or professional picture editing wired is definitely the way to go.  

When working with wireless connections be sure to connect to only those WiFi networks that are secured with a password.  Open connections or unsecured connection are very risky to use, especially if you are doing any kind of financial transactions or online purchases.  If you are going to check your email quickly or look something up online it is relatively safe to hop on an open connection but remember to end the connection right away when you are done.

When using a hardwired connection, security is built into the connection through the modem or router.  Unlike wireless connections hardwired connections are fully contained. When using a hardwired connection you have to be physically connected to the network to be able to get to the internet.  

So what does all this wired vs wireless internet connection mean?  Although wireless is more readily available than wired in most cases, it is ok to use as long as you stay mindfully of the security part of your connection.  Even while using a wired connection security can still be an issue, so  make sure your antivirus is up to date and you have all your windows updates. Whether using wireless or wired security should always be the number 1 priority.

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