Wireless vs. Wired Mouse

Wired or wireless…that is the question. Over the years, technology has improved, so the answer to that
may have shifted slightly, but here are the facts:
There are some great plusses to a wired mouse. For instance, they are powered by your computer, so
there is never a need to replace batteries. Many gamers and designers swear by a wired mouse because
there is absolutely zero lag time. Wireless mouse technology has decreased lag time over the years, but
there could still be slight lag issues when sleep mode is used to preserve battery life. Another plus with a
wired mouse is no interference. Bluetooth is almost without defect at this point, but almost is not
never…and wired mouse owners never have to worry about Bluetooth interference. There is also a
perception that a wired mouse is less expensive that a wireless mouse. While this used to be the case,
both items are now pretty darned close in price.
So, with all those things going for a wired mouse, why would you buy a wireless mouse? Simple! They
are more comfortable, less cumbersome and more travel-friendly. Want to lessen the amount of wires
on and under your desk? Yeah, most people do. Lots of gamers have even switched camps to team
wireless because a wireless mouse enables you to whip around and shoot more easily. Distance is also
an issue. With a wireless mouse, there is no need for long extension cords. Bluetooth allows about 30
As with many things in life, the answer seems to boil down to the individual. Everyone needs to decide
what would work best for their specific preferences and requirements.