Employee Etiquette for Using Work Computers

There is acceptable etiquette for just about everything in life and the computers at work are no
exception. It’s time for your session with Miss Manners. Here are some specific rules you should follow:
The first one actually applies to more than just computer etiquette…always keep your work space neat
and clean. In that same vein, it’s always good practice to keep any food or drinks away from computers.
Also be mindful of others around you. Keep noise at a minimum. If you are watching a webcast or
listening to music, use earbuds, so others who have to work close to your work area are not interrupted.
This should go without saying, but never write anything you wouldn’t want your boss to see. Make sure
your desktop graphics are not offensive in any way. Be respectful of confidential files. Don’t place them
in shared spaces and respect the privacy of the files of others.
With email, try not to use all caps, since they can be perceived as yelling; don’t overuse emotes; and be
careful with humor. And, finally, log off when you plan to leave for a bit or if you are finished.
Don’t worry. It’s really not rocket science. If you practice simple common courtesy and use good
judgement, your workplace computer etiquette is sure to be considered exemplary.