5 Security settings to turn on your router.

An unsecured router is like leaving your front door open to the world.  It’s important to check your router setting and make a few changes if needed. Equally as import is making sure the router firmware is up to date.

Most routers can be accessed using either, or  This can be done by using whatever browser (i.e Chrome) you prefer.  Open the browser and type one of the IP addresses above.  If it asks you for a username and password, usually it is admin (username) and password (password).

  1. The right encryption
    • Your best defense is strong encryption. Most widely used is the Wi-Fi protected access 2 (WPA2) this standard is 10 years old.  This encryption can be found by accessing the wireless or security menu on your router. Never leave your router in the open state.  If the router only has WEP or WEP it’s time for a new one.
  2. Create a guest network
    • The guest network can be enabled through your router. This network is used for people who come to visit and need a wireless connection.  Make sure to set this up with something other than you main network name (SSID).  The new router come with this already set up.
  3. Parent’s built-in helpers
    • There are setting for things like shielding your kids from dangerous an age-appropriate sites and limit time spent on the internet. These setting can be changed on “Parental Controls” or “Access Control” on the administration section of the router.  You can control these setting by using the IP address or MAC address on the specific device.  This method takes a little technical skills to complete.
  4. Use a VPN – to set this up I recommend you do some online research
    • When using a VPN it hides your IP address from websites and services. Most new routers have VPN configurations (protects all devices that use the router) within itself.  Otherwise you will have to use something like OpenVPN software.
  5. Better protection from hacker
    • There are other settings like NAT filtering, port forwarding, port filtering and service block. When changing these setting be very careful as you could accidentally leave your router open to hackers.

When you are done be sure to save your changes.  As always we are here to help!  Computer “A” Services 386-409-0320 817 N Dixie Freeway NSB.  Look for the Red Front Door.