Alexa vs. Google Assistant

Alexa and Google Assistant are both heavy hitters with a bunch of the same features and functions, but here are some of the ways they differ:

Alexa beats Google Assistant by a very slim margin when it comes to general knowledge, but, in the Google Assistant win column, is a Guest Connect feature which enables users to connect to another Echo device. So, if you are at someone else’s house, you can access your own data.

Google actually comes in first all around when it comes to personalization, with personalized calendars, payments, photos, the ability to set personal default media services, while Alexa lags behind a bit in this arena, but does offer calls, messages, limited media options and online shopping. In fact, Alexa’s tight integration with Amazon allows it to take the lead in the online shopping department. 

Where Google can place international calls, Alexa offers Skype and intercom support. Google is best at providing traffic conditions, the most accurate travel time estimates and can send directions to your phone for Google Maps navigation. Alexa, however, is more advanced in the Smart Home category.

The bottom line is that both respond promptly with little need to repeat or rephrase requests and it is doubtful you would be disappointed with either; but if you like a Smart Home with the best of the best for those types of applications and you would like to attack your online shopping with ease, you may most likely be more suited for Alexa. However, if you have multiple people in your household who prefer the latest and greatest personalization accommodations and travel options are important to you, Google Assistant is probably the right choice for you.