PC News Today

Harvard is introducing a 24/7 learning assistant in a computer science introduction class this fall that might surprise you. Its newest comp sci teacher is a chatbot which will answer questions, provide project feedback and help debug code.

Toyota is also embracing AI with a text-to-image EV design tool that creates prototype sketches.

We’ve all experienced a ton of cost increases lately and here is one more. Xbox Game Pass is raising prices. The good news is that an Xbox Series X console price increase that has reached Europe and other parts of the world has yet to hit the United States.

Oh, and there is more good news. As pandemic price increases are leveling off, you can find some pretty good deals out there – like the Razer BlackShark Wireless Gaming Headset at Amazon for under $100 bucks. Or how about the trendy Lenovo Thinkcentre Tiny PC for under $500, down from over $1,000?

And here’s a quick fix tip: If you are experiencing slow start-ups for Microsoft Outlook or even freezing up when you try to open Outlook, a temporary solution has been introduced…Go to More Settings in Exchange Account and turn on Shared Calendar Improvements in Advanced. A permanent solution is also in the works.

Plus, of course, if you require any other computer fixes, feel free to contact Computer “A” Services. We would be happy to help you at our convenient New Smyrna Beach location, remotely or with door-to-door service!