Apple OS X Users Aren’t Safe Either

Apple OS X users love to boast to the virus-ridden Windows peasants that OS X is immune to all viruses and adware. But, sadly, that just isn’t true. Apple OS X Users Aren’t Safe Either. But really no one is safe from the grabby hands of viruses.

OS X users do have a bit of an advantage by running a UNIX-based operating system, which is able to lessen the powerful viruses that Windows is so harshly attacked by. But the menacing and computer-breaking viruses are not the ones to worry about in this case.

Apple OS X users are mostly attacked by the very annoying and pesky type of bad computer stuff: bloatware/adware. This is the bad stuff that is able to get into your browser and see what you are doing around the internet, while stealing your passwords by logging everything you type.

But how do I get this adware on my computer? Well, adware Bloatware Exampleis usually downloaded by piggy-backing on the installation of other programs. You may remember have to click ‘Next’ through multiple different programs just to install your intended program. You then see a random program on your computer along side your intended program – Adware.

The accidental installation of adware/bloatware while installing your intended program is something that most definitely affects both operating systems. And in some cases, OS X adware is more effective because of the mindset of most OS X users that they are immune.

Apple OS X users beware! Be careful installing programs just as us Windows users have to be careful. Always look for the ‘I do not want this‘ check box when you come across a program that wants you to install it while you install another program. If you are still kicked in the butt by an adware/bloatware program, make sure to bring it on into Computer A Services as FAST as possible so we can get rid of it and protect you from any dangers!