What can dust do to computers?

We all pass our hands or a cloth over our computer every once in a while to dust it off. But should we go deeper into the computer and get all that dust or just keep passing our hands over the visible bits? What can dust do to computers?

To answer that question, we need to first ask what dust can do to a computer. Is dust harmful to the computer? Well, the short answer is yes. Dust can be a major factor in a computer’s life.

Dust can easily find its way into a computer through fan vents and case openings. You may even be able to look at your computer now and see dust spider-webbing over the fan vents. Once the dust is in the computer, it clings to your computer with all its might. Dust is so easily attracted to a computer because a computer, with all its electronics, is comparable to a balloon rubbed against your hair. Computers are dust magnets!

DustWithin the dust magnet of a computer, that pesky layer of dust is doing its evil by clinging and covering the precious parts. This covering of dust is the real killer. The dust is now a very efficient insulator for the already amazingly hot computer parts. Parts covered by the dust may overheat and fail, losing data or breaking expensive parts. And even if the parts don’t fail completely by overheating, they are still working at much higher temperatures than they expect to be working in, which will lower performance.

So, as it is pretty evident that computers need a cleaning every once in a while, even if you can’t see the dust, what can you do to clean it out? Well Computer A Services has you covered! Bring in your dusty computer and we will clean it out with our powerful air compressor making it look brand new! And if you come in and ask for a full spring cleaning, we’ll dust out your computer and clean up the digital part of your computer, making your computer run better than ever!