Cyber Attack Targets Are Wide-ranging and Becoming More and More Concerning

Cyber attacks are used to gain access to business financials, personal customer data, trade and product secrets and, worse yet, our money and investments. If you are a business owner, you know that a cyber attack could be financially devastating as well as detrimental to your reputation; but cyber-attacks are common and growing exponentially across a multitude of industries and platforms.

According to a recent study conducted by the World Economic Forum, the education (yes, our schools!) and research sector is the one most frequently targeted by cyber criminals. Next are government agencies and the military, which is unbelievably frightening in its own right. Healthcare is third and the banking, retail and manufacturing industries are prime targets for cyber attacks as well. There are also legitimate concerns of cyber-attacks throughout our infrastructure which could result in very damaging repercussions on energy, transportation, water, telecommunications and more.

Cyber attacks can be both passive, which could include eavesdropping on communications between two parties, and active, which could involve altering communications between those parties. Cyber attacks can range from everything from gaining unauthorized access to sensitive data and accounts, to performing unauthorized functions.

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